1. I’m Still Here…

    Things have been stressful. But that’s life.

    When you’re stressed you have to think about happy things. Like the color red. Or west coast weather. Or scooter sharing. Scoot is bringing all of these things to San Fran! They’re not ready to expand to Providence yet (my coworker emailed to check- she got a response directly from the CEO! Nice.)

  2. NYC launches Citibike Bike Share Program

    In case you haven’t seen it everywhere in the last few days, NYC launched its new bikeshare program today. It has generated quite some buzz and one article asserted that one bike had already been stolen (am I the only one who is pleased by this low number?) 

  3. 2013 Rudy Bruner Awards

    You can find the RBA for Urban Excellence winners here. The Gold Medal went to Inspiration Kitchens in Chicago and the Steel Yard in Providence got a silver! Cool!

  4. image: Download

    Photo tour of the Las Vegas Downtown Project
  5. image: Download

    The Benefits of Being Bike Friendly an infographic from the League of American Bicyclists.

    The Benefits of Being Bike Friendly an infographic from the League of American Bicyclists.

  6. I thought this was very cool and wanted to share. Chicago, I want to come back! Preferably in fall (no dangerous falling icicles or hot hot hot hot hot heat)

  7. 10 Transportation “Graveyards”

    I thought this was awesome! How can cities reuse of capitalize on these sorts of graveyards? See more from mentalfloss.

  8. Amazon Proposes Bio-Dome for New Seattle Offices


    Pretty much as the title states, but not much more information in this article from Huh Magazine. I have to wonder if the wet environment of Seattle + a bio-dome environment might not be the best environment for equipment required to run a major web company? This may be my ignorance speaking, but what kind of systems would one need (and would they be sustainable) to keep computers dry? Will offices be walled off and climate controlled? Is that efficient? I love bio-domes, but I’m interested to see how this would play out. What do you think?

  9. "10 Breathtaking Images of Mirrored Skylines"


    Full article from Urban Peek available here

  10. "A Blog About Finding Affordable Housing in New York City"

    Needs no more explanation. Check it out