1. "Hipsturbia"


    If you have not seen it, this article has been trending recently. “Hipsturbia” refers to the outward movement of the “hipster” generation to the ‘burbs. The article talks about how these “young people of child-bearing age” seem to be bringing bits of Brooklyn with them…vegan goods, shade-grown coffee and the like. 

    The article claims that this isn’t the suburban “flight” of our parents’ generation, but a movement of a different sort. I disagree. Sure, our values and what we’re looking for are different, just like our parents’ values differed from their parents’ values, but one certain fact remains the same: people are looking for affordability.

    I hope people look at this and realize the same thing I did: people, families, and so on cannot AFFORD to live in our cities and do not value them as a platform for quality family life. This is a hard pill for me to swallow as I believe that cities are one of if not the most powerful vectors for change and sustainable living. 

    Suburban mentality leads to sprawl. Think about it- areas become more desirable, costs rise, people are forced outward. Combine this with the population growth and energy needs associated with an increasingly suburban economy and it makes me worry. I had hoped the “hipster” generation would have been creative, motivated, and invested enough to help make change in cities- they cannot do nearly as much from a distance.

    Please take that with a grain of salt, I do not wish to put across-the-board expectations on every person mildly associated with a generational phenomenon. 

    Anyhow, that’s my two cents. Read the article, say what you think!